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Version History

1.2.1 / July 2013

  • Worked around an issue which caused fonts not to render due to Firefox’s origin access model.
  • Added an option to switch back to Cufón rendering for League Gothic (disable ‘Use Custom Font’, enable ‘Use Legacy Font’).

1.2.0 / July 2013

  • Removed Cufón library for Canvas-based fonts. League Gothic is now delivered as a webfont.
  • Added ‘retina’ UI images for high-DPI displays.
  • Added header icon options for Instagram, Svpply, Pinboard, Letterboxd, Quora, Bandcamp, Github and LinkedIn.
  • Updated icons for Dribbble,, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.
  • Added an option to hide the RSS and Archive header icons.
  • Text post titles now link to post pages.
  • Fixed the styling of headings for Likes and Following lists.

1.1.9 / April 2012

  • Added a Pinterest link option in the header.
  • Added an option to show Pinterest button on posts.
  • Fixed a bug which could prevent the Share button from showing on some pages.

1.1.8 / April 2012

  • Added an option to use Tumblr’s new audio embeds.

1.1.7 / February 2012

  • Added Facebook Open Graph image meta tags for Photo and Audio posts (limited to permalink pages only).

1.1.6 / December 2011

  • Added an option to show Share button on posts.
  • Added a Soundcloud link option in the header.

1.1.5 / November 2011

  • Fixed the title text-clipping issue for Safari.
  • Added an option to show Twitter’s Follow button with the Latest Tweet.
  • Added a Google Plus link option in the header.

1.1.3, 1.1.4 / July 2011

  • Minor bug fixes for Facebook and Disqus.

1.1.2 / July 2011

  • Fixed a bug that broke custom font headings in video posts.
  • Improved high-resolution image handling.

1.1.1 / May 2011

  • Added support for Twitter’s new longer ID format.

1.1 / December 2010

  • Added an option to show Tweet button on posts.
  • Facebook buttons and short links are hidden on static pages.
  • Improved Cufón headings in Safari and Chrome.
  • Added optional social media icons/links below search field.
  • Overhauled high-resolution image handling.
  • Added option to automatically switch theme to Dark mode at night (8pm to 6am local time).
  • Added a Download option for externally hosted audio files.
  • Added option to select typeface for body copy.
  • Other miscellaneous improvements.

1.0.7 / November 2010

  • Fixed support for photo replies.
  • Added an option to hide post icons and/or note counts.
  • Added an option to display Facebook “Like” buttons on posts.
  • Added an option to hide the blog’s description.
  • Fixed a JavaScript error in the latest tweet function that affected some users.


  • Overhauled the notes handling to work with Tumblr’s new AJAX loader. You can now use the “More” button at the end of the Likes list to load the next 100 notes from the server.
  • Corrected the colour of the title link in the Liked Posts section.
  • Updated the theme’s default icon colour scheme. If you prefer the original scheme, use the following values: #DE6, #5BC, #C24, #E84, #69C, #BC4, #8B4, #C9C.

1.0.5 and earlier

Thanks to Jarred Bishop for this idea.
  • Added support for three new tags on audio posts that can be used to override the metadata that Tumblr extracts from MP3 files, or to provide metadata for externally-hosted files:
    track:Name of Track
    artist:Name of Band
  • Added an option to disable the custom Cufón typeface (League Gothic) and instead rely on installed browser fonts.
  • Added support for uploading a custom header image in place of the blog title.
  • Added an option to display an avatar beside the blog title, with or without a circular frame.
  • Added a JavaScript slideshow component for displaying photosets on devices without the Flash plugin.
  • Added an option to disable my author credit.
  • Corrected an issue in some browsers that caused the top of the blog title to be clipped.
  • Added an option to specify the character(s) that separate the blog title from the post title in the window titlebar.
  • Added support for Disqus when using the dark background.
  • Added an option to disable the display of recent tweets if Twitter is configured as a service.
Inspired by Jason Santa Maria’s work on Liz Danzico’s site.
  • Added support for sidebar notes (like the one to the left): use <div class="note"></div> in the Markdown editor to create these.